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Dave Ramsey's book - Total Money Makeover

I think this is a very good, easy entry into the world of personal finance and financial responsibility. He lays out some very good tips on starting your budget and path to financial freedom. I really like his "emotional wins" take on personal finance: his steps have you do some things that aren't driven by cold hard logic. At a very high level his book is centered around how to get out of debt and save for retirement, using real life stories from his radio show as examples. It is a VERY easy read, and can probably be finished in one or two sittings. You can expect a more in depth review of this title in the future.

Listen Money Matters
A website and podcast that covers a lot of different aspects of the personal finance world. Their podcast contains some swearing, but it is full of useful information. It is a great podcast to take with you and listen to whenever you'd like to be reading but can't quite find the time.

Do you have anything that has helped you? Let me know in the comments below!

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